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  • KSOUND K01 True Wireless Earbuds Review

    If you want good quality sound, it used to be a rule of thumb that you should avoid wireless earbuds. This only made sense. As recently as 2014, wireless earbuds were, frankly, garbage. You could only listen to music at low bitrates. Moreover, you couldn’t even listen in stereo. 
  • Aipower Wearbuds W20 Wireless Earbuds (Fitness Watch) Review

    If you want the best possible audio quality from a pair of earbuds, Bluetooth wireless is the way to go. It didn’t used to be that way. Before the invention of True Wireless Stereo (TWS), wireless earbud quality was downright awful. But with newer technology, you can enjoy your music at high bitrates and in full stereo. With the right device, the clarity of the signal is even better than you’ll get from an old-school wired connection. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in a wire during your workout.

  • Buy Aipower Wearbuds Smartwatch with TWS Earbuds (Coupon Deal)

    Aipower Wearbuds Smartwatch with TWS Earbuds is designed to change the game. A revolutionary milestone of true wireless stereo that frees you from inconvenient charging, easy-to-lose buds, monstrous charging cases, and other headaches.
  • Key Series T18NC | Recensione

    I Key Series T18NC, brand di Aipower, sono un paio di auricolari True Wireless con ANC (cancellazione attiva del rumore), in grado di offrire un’elevata autonomia e anche la ricarica wireless a un prezzo di poco superiore ai 100 euro. Tante caratteristiche che spesso si trovano solo a prezzi molto più alti.
  • Ausgepackt: Key Series EP-T18NC TWS In-Ears mit ANC

    Der neue Key Series EP-T18NC ist der erste wireless In-Ear Kopfhörer des Herstellers mit Active Noise Cancelling. Die „Key Series“ ist die Premium-Audio-Serie, die bereits letztes Jahr, mit dem EP-T10 einen unserer Lieblingskopfhörer überhaupt hervorgebracht hat. Dementsprechend sind die Erwartungen hoch, aber werden sie auch erfüllt?

  • AirPower WearBuds – Recensione

    Wearbuds è un prodotto molto particolare, un fitness tracker dalle caratteristiche basilari con un paio di minuscoli auricolari True Wireless da avere sempre a disposizione sul proprio polso.
  • Aipower Wearbuds: The Perfect Combo of Fitness Band & EarBuds

    Are you using earbuds with a charging case like Apple AirPods? How about we give you a way to ditch that charging case of yours that has no other use other than charging? We’ve happened to see a mix of innovation and utility within a combination of two of our favorite gadgets.
  • These Super-Cool True Wireless Earbuds Come Housed In A Wristband

    True wireless earbuds are all the rage nowadays, but this pair is the first I've seen with an innovative design concept that places them inside a wrist band when they aren't in use.  Effectively combining a fitness tracker/smartwatch with true wireless earbuds.