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About Us



As the parent brand of three independently dynamic brands, Myaipower seeks to lead the world as a powerful player in the field of smart device development. Born in 2018, Myaipower has always maintained its focus on engineering human-centered design that leverages the merging of smart devices and the human-experience.




Wearbuds are the world’s first earbuds charged right on your wrist. Featured in Forbes as ‘The World's First True Wireless Earbuds with A Charging Fitness Band’; Famous YouTube channel Unbox Therapy stated ‘Wearbuds are like Air pods in your watch’, this product broke the record of our expectation and was funded 1416% during crowdfunding. Wearbuds speaks our mission of innovation.


With the advancement and popularity of smart home products every year, household products are a top priority for development. Rona stands intending to deliver life-changing products that can make you feel more comfortable in your home.
Rona is pronounced similar to Corona. The design of our first product, Motion Sensor Night Light, is similar to that of the Corona, the sun brings light to all human beings, and Rona can illuminate in the darkness.


To equip a car with smart electronics. We have created a brand that solely focuses on improving the safety and functionality of your car as a whole. From smart chargers to dash-cams and beyond, Spark will revolutionize the way you think about smart car accessories.

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