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Ok, let me make it straight, if you are someone like me who doesn't like to take the hassle to carry the earbuds all the way, this is so cool feature to carry them around you without even worrying them. The band is alright to let you track the time and other daily activities. The best thing about this product is its earbuds. It's been a week and I just love how amazing they sound. I am a music lover so this is very important, I can name the best sound system such as JBL, BOSE I don't feel any different but even better sound quality and good loudness.
I just wish that team Aipower will make the watch screen bit bigger.
All in all its an amazing revolutionary product thanks to the team who thought of this.

BY Raphaë

I received my Wearbuds last week and let me tell you that I've been completely satisfied, as I was expecting. From the delivery time to the packaging and the quality of the product itself, everything was top notch. I've been wanting to buy this product for some time, since the first time I've seen your Facebook ad when you launched this product more than a year ago but wasn't sure because you were a startup after all and sometimes companies that announce on Facebook aren't reliable, if not downright fraudulent. But I decided to subscribe to your newsletter to keep track of the news about you and I'm glad I did.
On the product itself, I love the easy to use app that comes with it. The connectivity to my phone is seamless. As soon as I paired them to my phone the first time, after that I just have to take them out of the watch and boom, they automatically connect with my phone! The controls on the buds themselves are pretty straightforward and work well. I also love the fact that they can link with other fitness tracking apps like Google Fit or MapMyFitness by Under Armour (which I've been using since I received them). Also, and perhaps the most important, the sound quality is excellent!

BY Jean-francois D.

The watch has limited features however after purchase it can be updated via the app to further enhance the watch. It it thick and makes it hard with certain outfits. It is easy to use and pair compared to other wireless earbuds. Depending on how often the earbuds are used, the life of the watch and earbuds can be very short. The customization is limited.

BY Elio

Amazing and awesome earbuds with excellent sound. I love the way it’s carried around in the watch and can be charged in the watch too.
Compared to AirPods I like the look of this product. It’s matt black and sleek looking. AirPods are glossy white... ew! I use these things all the time. They have great sound quality, phone connectivity and sounds really great when I talk over the phone. I do a lot of running with these boys and hiking, they have not fallen out yet. I also use them at my home desk. When at work the noise canceling keeps the noise clutter down. They are so nifty and with the Qi wireless charging makes it charge easily while I sleep. I would recommend this over AirPods hands down.
BY Hibiki

Great sounding wireless earbuds! Fit nicely and securely. Sound quality top notch! Deep bass! Electronic music, rap, rock, most genres sound good! Battery life good as well. Definitely worth the price by comparison to other models.

After a week!! THE REAL DEAL! The competition better watch out! Priced to move and Great sounding! Hard to beat. Noice cancellation is VERY GOOD! Battery life as advertised!
Why spend twice the money for marginal performance!

BY John Jay


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