Wearbuds User Guide


Designed for ultra portability, compelling sound, and fitness tracker features, WEARBUDS are the world's first on-wrist charging true wireless Hi-Fi earbuds designed in USA.

Read User Manual

Please read the quick start guide before using this device to ensure safe and proper use.

Software, wallpapers, images, and other media provided with this device are licensed for limited use. Extracting and using these materials for commercial or other purposes is an infringement of copyright laws. Users are entirely responsible for illegal use of media.

Modifying the device’s operating system may result in malfunctions and data corruption or loss. These actions are violations of the User Licence Agreement and will void your warranty.

Please make sure the left and right earbuds pairing in the corresponding hole on the wrist band.Otherwise, the earbuds may be stuck in the wrist band.

Powering on/off

The fitness band cannot be powered off manually. It switches off automatically when the battery runs out. Do charge the device using the magnetic charging cable for 10 minutes before first use.

Pairing The Band with The app

Download the Wearbuds app from App Store or Google Play. Sign up and log in your Aipower account in the app. Follow the on-screen instructions in the app to pair the band with your device. All fitness data are synced automatically with the app. And you can access your steps, calories burned, sleep, heart rate and other fitness data in the app.

Unpairing The Band with The app

To ensure data security, we suggest that you unpair your band from your device when you are no longer using the band.

1) Go to the app settings to remove this device.

2) On the band, go to the Settings and choose Reset.


1. How do I pair the buds with my device?

1) Press on the buds to release them from the band. The buds will automatically enter pairing mode and the LED on the left bud will flash green/white. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and select WEARBUDS-L. The buds will be paired with your device.

2) Once the buds are paired with your device, you can pop out either bud to activate Mono Mode.

2. How do I pair the left and right buds to each other?

The left and right earbuds are paired to each other by default. To pair them manually, disconnect Bluetooth from your phone first,press and hold the touchpad of each earbud simultaneously for 5 seconds,the white light flashes quickly, and the white light flashes slowly after the pairing is successful.

3. What can I do if the LED indicators stop working?

1) The LED indicators on the earbuds will keep off once the earbuds are connected to your device. The LED indicators flash when touch gestures are performed with the earbuds.

2) If the earbuds run out of battery, the LED indicators won’t flash no matter what touch gestures are performed with the earbuds. You can charge the earbuds by inserting them into the band. The LED indicator of the earbuds turn on green during charging and they turn off when the earbuds are fully charged.

3) If the LED indicators still don’t work when the earbuds are fully charged, please contact our support team at support@myaipower.com.

4. How do I charge the buds?

The buds are designed to be charged inside the band ONLY. If the band itself runs out of battery, charge it using the magnetic charging cable.

5. Will the buds connect to my gaming console?

Yes, if your gaming console supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair and connect the buds and use them for audio and voice chat. You’ll need to check each game for chat availability through Bluetooth.

6. How do I reset the band?

On the band, go to the Settings and choose Reset. The band will automatically reboot after resetting.

7. How do I set the time of the band?

The app automatically syncs the time with your band once the band is paired with the app.

8. What can I do if the band display doesn't light up?

Charge the band using the magnetic charging cable for 10 minutes. If the screen still cannot be woken up, please contact our support team at support@myaipower.com.

9. What can I do if the band disconnects with the app?

To maintain a connection between the band and the app, please ensure the following things:

1) The band is powered on

2) The mobile device with the WEARBUDS app installed has Bluetooth turned on;

3) The respective Myaipower account has been logged on in the app;

4) The band and the mobile device with the app installed are within the Bluetooth operating range (approx.10m).

If any of the above-mentioned premises are not met, the band can neither connect nor upload data to the app. Keep your band and the app connected to ensure the integrity of your fitness stats.

10. What are the supported languages?

By default, the WEARBUDS language is in English. It supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Arabic.

itself can't set up a language. You need to connect the WEARBUDS to the dedicated 'WEARBUDS ' App and change the language, the WEARBUDSWEARBUDS language automatically reflects the connected mobile phone's system language.

Note: Due to differences in server switching, languages after registration may lead to the invalidity of the account.

11. Does the WEARBUDS have a timer function?

At present, the WEARBUDS has no timer, alarm or even heart rate alert function.

12. Why does the WEARBUDS band lose lots of battery after charging the earbuds?

In general condition WEARBUDS can charge the earbuds 1.5 times. After providing a full-charge to the earbuds housed inside the band,the power left may get low.

13. Why is the time on the WEARBUDS a few minutes later than the actual device its connected to?

Recharging WEARBUDS may take a few minutes longer if left uncharged after being out of charge. This may affect the time on wearbuds band display, to solve this, connect the WEARBUDS to the App and the time will be synchronized automatically.

14. Why does the WEARBUDS firmware upgrade fail?

The firmware upgrade process takes 3-5 minutes. Please ensure that the band power is at-least 50%. During the upgrade process, please do not interrupt, close, or uninstall the app.

If the upgrade fails, the WEARBUDS will standby on upgrade state and can't turn on normally.

In that case, try the following steps:

1) Charge the WEARBUDS , this will automatically restart the band.

2) Try this if the previous step doesn't solve the issue: open the App and connect the band with the App. The App should continue upgrading the band.

15. How do I restore the WEARBUDS to factory settings?

The “Reset” function in the Wearbuds band settings can restore the WEARBUDS to factory settings and restart it automatically.

For mobile devices with the iOS operating system, the band needs to be disconnected from Bluetooth first before it can be fully reset.

16. Why does the WEARBUDS screen not light up?

Please follow these steps:

1) Try attaching or detaching the charging cable after charging the band and see if the display turns on.

2) Take out the earbuds and try charging it. After charging completes try detaching the cable and see if the display turns on.

3) If your product is connected to any device please disconnect it.

If these steps deosn't solve your issue, please send us full video of your issue to our customer service: support@myaipower.com

17. How do I connect the earbuds to my mobile?

While using for the first time, take the earbuds out of the band, wait for a few seconds, by default the left (L) earbud led indicator will flash green/white alternatively. Please turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile system and select WEARBUDS-Buds_L. Please wait for a while, your device will ask for permission to pair with WEARBUDS-Buds_R, allow it to let both earbuds connect with your device.

18. Why is only one earbud working?

Please Troubleshoot

1) Only one earbud has sound: check the power, put back the one without sound back to the band to charge.

2) Both earbuds has sound, but after putting one back into the band, the sound turns off in the other one: double click the left (L) earbud, let it connect to the mobile phone, the indicator light will blink green/white quickly. Please turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile device, select 'WEARBUDS-Buds_L' wait a while, the system will ask for permission to connect Wearbuds-Buds_R, allow it to connect and both earbuds will be connected to the device.

3) Sound dissapers halfway while playing music: check if earbuds are out of power. If not, dissconnect and pair the two earbuds again to your mobile.

If above steps doesn't solve your issue, please reach us: support@myaipower.com

19. Why is the volume inconsistent when using two earbuds at the same time?

1) You can adjust the balance of the left and right channels on both iPhone and Samsung phones, make sure that the balance is centered, and then check again whether the volume of the two earphones is still different.

2) Please use the left(L) earbud and right(R) earbud separately to play the same song, and adjust the volume to the same level. If the volume is still inconsistent, the product needs to be replaced.

20. Why is the call or music unstable?

There may be great Bluetooth signal interference nearby, try again in a less interference environment.

21. How do I charge the earbuds?

The primary use of the Wearbuds is to charge the earbuds on the wrist. When the buds are out of char, just put earbuds back into the band. The LED indicator will show green.

When the battery of the band itself is low, it won't be able to charge earbuds. Please put the earbud back into the WEARBUDS band and use the original magnetic charging cable to charge the WEARBUDS and the earbuds will be charged at the same time.

22. Can I connect the earbuds to a game console?

The earbuds can be used as an audio input and output interface while connected to a Bluetooth device. As long as your game console supports Bluetooth, it can be connected under normal circumstances.

23. Are the WEARBUDS water-resistant?

The WEARBUDS has earbuds with IPX6 and the band with IPX5 water resistance.

24. I can't receive a verification email after registration?

Please check your spam mailbox, if not please drop us a mail at support@myaipower.com

25. The data on the App is not synchronized in real time?

Please try the following steps:

1. Reinstall the App from the Play store.

2. Try disconnecting the earbuds/ band and connect again and follow the steps on the User Manual to connect the band with the APP.

3. If it still doesn’t work, please download the App on other devices and try to connect.

4. If it solves the issue then it means the issue wasn't the wearbuds but the device its connected to.

5. If these steps doesn't solve your issue please drop us a mail at: support@myaipower.com